Planet problems

Air quality doesn’t just affect people and animals. Pollution has a big impact on the environment, too. It can affect everything from the weather on the other side of the world to the colour of the sky in your hometown.

Planet Earth

Climate change

You might have heard of climate change . Greenhouse gases like carbon dioxide and methane are warming the world up. Humans produce these gases by travelling about, burning coal or wood in factories and at home, and even by farming farting cows! Climate change is a big problem, though…

The earth is about one degree celsius hotter than it was in the late 19th century. That doesn’t sound like much, but it means big things for our planet.

Melting Iceberg in rising sea

Rising sea levels

As the earth gets warmer, the ice is melting. That’s bad news for polar bears, seals and turtles, but it could also mean that houses and even villages on the coast disappear entirely. Gulp!

Did you know?

Ice in the Arctic sea is melting by as much as 9% a decade. That’s a lot of ice!

Wild Fire

Extreme weather

Global Warming is leading to more extreme weather across the world, like floods, wildfires and heatwaves. It’s not just making things a bit warmer. It’s causing huge storms and natural disasters that put people and animals in danger.

Extreme weather includes things like tornadoes, blizzards, hurricanes and droughts. Pollution can even cause acid rain. Nasty!

Ice in the Arctic sea is melting by how much every decade?

That's right, well done!

Nope, try again.

Good luck!

Environmental protest poster

A worldwide issue

We all need to look after the earth. After all, it’s the only planet we have! Reducing climate change will mean people making small changes, like driving less, but it also needs countries all over the world to work together to improve air quality.

Air pollution

Love your local air

Air quality also affects your local environment. Places with lots of pollution often end up with poor health, dying trees and filthy rivers. In some cities, the air is so dirty that the sky is smoggy and grey a lot of the time.

Did you know?

Air quality is normally worse in places with lots of traffic and industry. It’s worst in cities in India and China, but it’s a big problem, in Liverpool, London and Paris, too!