Smoky gardens

We all love a good barbie in the sunshine. But did you know that barbecues and bonfires create air pollution?



The smoke and smells barbecues create can be annoying for your neighbours. That’s why it’s always good to think about what your barbecue will do to the local air quality


We should avoid barbecues when it’s windy, or when our neighbours are hanging out washing.

People around BonFire


Bonfires can be reaaally dangerous! They can lead to bad fires that hurt people and animals. The smoke they give off also causes health problems for people with lung and heart problems. 


It’s best to avoid bonfires and get rid of garden waste in other ways. You could buy or borrow a composter, or get a green bin from your local council to use instead. 


But if your parents are planning a bonfire, why not ask them to check the air quality forecast first? And remember: if you do have a bonfire, don’t throw plastic or metal items on it – they’re worse for the air!