Walk on quieter streets

Busy roads and heavy traffic means lots of pollution. But you can often avoid it by walking on a quieter side street nearby. That way, you’ll not be breathing in dirty air as you travel. Nice one!

Taking a side street can cut the amount of air pollution you’re exposed to by 53%. That’s more than half!

Try to walk on quieter paths

Walk away from the road

What side of the pavement do you walk on? The air can be a lot cleaner on the side furthest away from the traffic. Try not to walk directly next to the cars and vans – the closer you are to their exhaust pipes, the dirtier the air will be.

Check the air quality forecast

Just like the weather forecast, there’s an air quality forecast, too. Who knew? It’s worth checking the forecast before you go outside. Exercising is good for you, but it’s better when the air is cleaner. Your back garden or your local playing fields are great places for playing or doing exercise because they’re away from polluting roads.

Opening windows and keep the air flowing.

Use your windows

It’s not just outside where air quality matters – it’s inside, too! It’s important to keep air flowing through your house so that nasty mould doesn’t grow. If you can, try keeping your bedroom window open as much as you can to let some clean air in. But keep it shut if the air quality forecast says the air outside is dirty.