Know your impact

The small choices we make can have either a positive or negative effect on air quality and people. Every day, your decisions make a difference. The power is in your hands!


Getting About

All those little trips we make add up. Vehicles produce emissions and pollution – but travelling in different ways can help protect the air.

In a normal week, how often do you travel in a car?


Travelling by car is bad for our air quality. Hmm… could you try walking, cycling or public transport on some of those journeys?

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What kind of fuel does your car use?


Electric and hydrogen cars are much cleaner than petrol and diesel ones. They give off less particulates, NO2 and CO2. Neat!

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Does the driver leave their engine running while they’re sat still?


That’s called ‘idling’ – and it’s reaaally bad for the air. There’s nothing worse than seeing lots of cars at the school gates, all sat producing dirty fumes.

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Energy Saving

Most of the electricity and gas we use is produced by power stations that burn coal or gas. The more energy we use, the more pollution we create. That’s no good for air quality!

Do you leave your TV, tablet or games consoles on standby at home?


Standby mode just means they’re still on! Turn them completely off at the plug socket and you’ll use less energy.

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How do you get clean?


Quick showers use less energy than looong baths – and a lot less water, too. It’s even better if you use an eco shower head. Now that’s clean living!

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Do you turn the lights off when you leave a room?


Flicking the switch only takes a moment. But every time you do it, you’re helping to save electricity and protect the air. How cool is that?

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Do you eat lots of meat?


Meat production creates lots of pollution… and it’s not just all those cows farting out methane! There’s all the transport and factories involved, too. Eating a bit less meat can help protect the world’s air.

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How often do you recycle?


By recycling our paper, plastics and glass we can reduce the energy used to make new ones. Buying products made from recycled materials will also help too.

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You’ve got the power to travel more cleanly, use less energy and make air-friendly choices. If everyone does the same, we can change the world.