In the driving seat

The way we drive our cars, vans and trucks can affect how much pollution they produce. Whatever vehicle you travel in, there are ways to make its fuel last longer – and its impact on our air lots better!

1. Share the ride

Picking someone else up on your way somewhere is an easy way to reduce your carbon footprint. Lots of people do it on their way to work because it saves them money on fuel.  Why not ask your mum or dad if it’s something they could try?  

2. Travel light

The more stuff in the car, the more fuel it has to burn. Pretty simple, huh? Clearing out the boot before a trip can help cut down on the emissions the exhaust kicks out.

3. Avoid engine ‘idling’

Some people still think that leaving the engine running while sat still is good for their car. What a load of codswallop! It uses fuel and creates lots of pollution. Boo!

4. Drive fuel efficiently

Smooth and slow’s the way to go. Braking and setting off suddenly uses a lot more fuel, which is bad news because that means more exhaust pollution! Earlier gear changes can help, too.

5. Drive less often

Of course! It’s surprising how many little trips we make in our cars just out of habit. Sometimes, walking, cycling or taking public transport is way better for the air – and much more fun too!.

6. Consider a new car

Older diesel and petrol cars can be reaaally bad for our air! But these days, it’s cheaper than ever to buy something much cleaner – like an electric, hydrogen or hybrid vehicle. Worth thinking about!



The air inside your car can often be dirtier than the air outside it! Another reason to walk/cycle/scoot those short journeys.