Get Free Diffusion Tubes

Diffusion tubes are an easy way to get the kids involved in monitoring and improving air quality, by allowing them to measure the nitrogen dioxide in the air.


They are a type of passive sampler, meaning they absorb pollutants from the surrounding to monitor them directly. The tubes are small, need no power supply and are really easy to use. Kids and adults alike can get involved in checking the air around them and be inspired to do something about it!


It’s completely free and easy to get diffusion tubes for your class!

1. Remove the cap

Take off the white plastic cap from the bottom of the tube.

2. Set it up

Put the tube in its holder and secure it to an outside wall with the coloured cap at the top. Make a note of the time and day.

3. Leave it be

Diffusion tubes need four or five weeks to collect samples. They contain a steel mesh that’s coated in a special chemical. When gases pass over the mesh, a chemical reaction happens.

4. Send it off

It’s time to get your results! Put the white cap back on. Post the diffusion tube to a laboratory, where a scientist will look at it. They’ll then let you know if the amount of nitrogen dioxide in the air is normal or high.


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